Olle Johansson


Olle Johansson, Director of the Experimental Dermatology Unit (Department of Neuroscience) in the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (Sweden) and collaborator in the BioInitiative Report. The Karolinska Institute is a medical university whose committee appoints the laureates for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Prof. Johansson contributes to the documentary with his wide experience in the field of diseases related to microwave radiation. He is one of the world experts in the electro‐sensitivity syndrome and both his research in this field and his conviction have helped to make Sweden the only country in the world where this disease is recognised as such by the Public Health System.

He acknowledges that the evidence on electromagnetic fields requires a new focus on public health protection, especially on the growth and development of fetuses and the protection of children; and recommends establishing preventive campaigns right now as he considers the existing evidence as
potentially dangerous for health worldwide.